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Delicious tofu

Hi there gorgeous babes!

Today I'm sharing with you my favourite tofu recipe! I know a lot of people think tofu is boring, not delicious, and I'm here to prove you wrong!

Tofu is a great way to add protein to your diet.

What do you need? (1 serving)

130 grams of firm tofu

Kitchen paper

2 tablespoons of soy sauce/tamari

1 teaspoon of agave/maple sirop

Garlic powder

Olive oil (or another type of oil, to bake)

How do you make the tofu?

Start by getting the tofu out of the package. Place it in kitchen paper to dry. When dry, cut in half to have your desired amount of tofu. In the meantime, put a pan on the stove with some olive oil in it, medium heat.

Cut the tofu in pieces. I like to do small squares.

Then, place the pieces in the pan. Make sure there is enough room in the pan for all the pieces. This will turning around the tofu easier as it tends to break easily.

Bake the tofu on each side. This takes around 5 minutes per side. You want the tofu to be brown. In the meantime, prepare the sauce with the soy sauce/tamari, sirop and garlic powder.

When the tofu is nicely brown on each side, put the pieces close together. Pour the sauce on the tofu. Make sure each piece is covered equally. Now you have to pay attention because we don't want the sauce to burn. Move the tofu around a bit and let it cook for about a minute, before turning it around.

Et voilá! Delicous tofu!

Enjoy!!! Xxx

For detailed instructions watch my YouTube video:


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