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8-week fitness and mindset transformation

Hello gorgeous babe,


Are you ready to build your dream body and become the confident queen you have always wanted to be? Are you ready to go all-in and become the best version of you?  


During this 8-week fitness and mindset transformation, I will help you to make fitness a part of your lifestyle, in a way that works for you!


I will show you that you CAN enjoy life while having a consistent fitness routine.


It's not that hard, fitness can be so much FUN.


A fit lifestyle doesn't always have to be something you give up on. You can make it part of your LIFESTYLE in the long term. 


I call it a fitness AND mindset transformation because mindset is a very important part of my life. I spend a lot of time working on my positive mindset through books, courses, coaching and I hope to inspire you in these 8 weeks to find a routine of your own! 


What is included:

Intake call through Zoom (around 30 min.)

During this call we get to know each other better. I will ask you several questions to be able to make your first workout program and meal plan. 

8 personal training sessions through Zoom (around 90 min. per session)

During each personal training session I will guide you through a workout step by step. This workout it is our time to share. I will lend you a sympathetic ear and share my tips and tricks for working out and improving your mindset.

2 custom workout programs

Each workout program will keep you busy for 4 weeks.

2 custom meal plans

Each meal plan will inspire you for 4 weeks. This meal plan is custom-made for you including food you like.

Your own fitness accessories

Booty band set of your choice and marble long band.

Whatsapp support

Ask me questions throughout the week or hit me up for motivation when you need it. We are in this together, babe!

Sounds good? Book your free discovery call below!



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