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Raymonda Fitness is a Belgian fitness brand founded in 2019 with the main purpose of inspiring women around the world to make fitness part of their life, just like I did, and build their dream body to become the confident queens they deserve to be and to love themselves without limits.

My online store is your place for empowering fitness accessories, workout programs, meal plans and coaching, basically everything you need to help you on your journey to becoming your best version.

I named my brand after my grandma, Raymonda, who is truly my biggest inspiration to live a positive life. She has an endless love in her heart and radiates this through everything she does. The same love goes in every single package I make for my lovely customers. And the same positive mindset I hope to pass on to the Raymonda Fitness community.

Raymonda Fitness also stands for the powerful combination of a healthy body and mindset. During my own fitness journey, I have found that both are essential to thrive. Next to workouts, I am consistently doing mindset work like journaling, working on limiting beliefs, meditation, breathwork, reading self development books, etc.

Become part of the family and learn that:

  • Fitness can be fun!

  • You can most definitely reach your fitness goals, just like I did!

  • You deserve to be your best version!

Lots of love,


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