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In the clouds

For years Pauline, founder of Raymonda Fitness, has been dreaming of creating her own fitness clothing line. The ‘In the clouds’ collection is the result. The name references her own dreams, but also your dreams, and is meant to inspire you to remember your own power to make your dreams come true.


“I am a dreamer, I see life through rose-colored glasses and I am an eternal optimist. Many times people have told me that I should be realistic and that life is not so positive, or at least not always. And of course there are good and bad days, yet my positive mindset has never disappointed me. I inherited it from my sweet grandma Raymonda (yes, Raymonda Fitness is named after her) and I hope I can inspire you to dream and to believe that you can make your dreams come true. The right actions in combination with a positive mindset creates magic. Yes, this is also how I created Raymonda Fitness. It all started with a dream.”

At Raymonda Fitness we also believe in the power of the right fitness clothing. The right outfit to workout with makes a world of a difference. You feel good in your skin and radiate that feeling. You even feel like working out more.

Fitness accessories and clothing that makes you want to workout!

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